Interchain Builders Program

Mentorship, technical support and guidance for chains building in Cosmos.

Our Mission


“In a perfect world, Web3 builders would just hack with their friends and launch products in the open.”

Unfortunately, the reality is that launching a new chain from idea to mainnet can be complex, with many roadblocks and tough decisions that have significant implications on the project’s trajectory. Structured support and ecosystem navigation for new chains is much-needed.


The Builders Program provides mentorship, structured support and guidance for teams who build chains in Cosmos, using at least one component of the Cosmos Stack: Tendermint, CosmosSDK, CosmWasm and IBC. The offering includes clear guidance across categories such as handling the regulatory environment, incorporation, fundraising, token structuring, and technical and product support.

We help teams navigate the ecosystem through giving access to our large network of investors, exchanges, custodians, auditors, development and design agencies, data providers and infrastructure partners.

inorpration & Fundraising Support

Incorporation &
Fundraising Support

Engineering Product &
UX Development

Marketing &
GTM Strategy

Community &

Tokenomics &
Token Distribution

Infrastructure Partnerships & Network


Program Structure

The runtime of the program will be assessed with each project individually, depending on its stage and requirements.

The Onboarding Phase process contains several sessions between the project and the Builders Program team to determine the support areas and milestones for the Building Phase.

During the Building Phase, the project will execute the milestones with ongoing support by the Builders Program team who will assist the project through regular check-ins and ongoing technical support by our developer team whenever issues or questions arise.

Onboarding Phase




Building Phase

Milestone I

Milestone II

Milestone III

Milestone IV

Onur Akpolat

Marko Baricevic

Stef Sprinz

Noam Cohen

Len Seitter

Rafa Aviles


The idea for the Builder Program sparked out of conversations among peers working at the heart of the ecosystem, building the core software and its infrastructure.

The program is made by builders for builders, linking together our team of entrepreneurs, software engineers and designers with years of experience in building and launching chains.

The Builders Program is an Interchain initiative.

Builders Program Participants