Your entry-point to Cosmos

We support organizations in navigating the Interchain Stack and the hundreds of dApps, blockchains and rollups built on top of it.

Technical Support

Get Access to Core Developers

We guide technical decision makers through architectural decisions and developers with sessions & asynchronous support. Benefit from access to industry experts ready to share their observations on the best practices in the space.

Ecosystem Partnerships

Get a Warm Intro To Anyone

With our broad overview of what's happening in the space we can support you in deciding which partnerships make sense for you. From investors to validators, and from dApps to auditors, we'll make sure you'll get a foot in the door.

Business & Strategy

Get Closer to Your Goals

We sit down with your team to learn about your project's business needs and help you assess whether blockchain technology and the Interchain Stack are the most suitable tools for you to reach your company's goals.

Who We Support

Enterprises & Consortiums

Your organization has specific business & compliance requirements and it takes time to research whether a new tech stack can help you meet them. We're here to make that process easier.

Web3 Startups

Whether you're looking to migrate to a more scalable solution or expand to a growing ecosystem, we're here to guide you through the process of getting started.

Digital Innovators & Services

Taking the leap to integrate blockchain technology can be overwhelming with so many platforms available. Allow us to support you in kickstarting the process as you navigate this new territory.

The Builders Knowledge Hub

Web3's Best Practices, Available on Demand

Find all the educational resources you need. The Builders Knowledge Hub is a collection of articles and research intended to support Web3 founders in their journey towards the launch of a successful product.


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