Providing guidance and support to Cosmos builders

We help teams navigate through our 3 tracks: the Accelerator, Orientation and Integration Track

Accelerator Track

Technical Support & Guidance for Web3 Founders

We guide Cosmos projects through regular sessions & asynchronous support. Benefit from access to industry experts ready to share their observations on the best practices in the space.

Orientation Track

Helping You Decide If Cosmos Is Right For You

With a plethora of tech stacks available, it can be hard to find a home for your product. We assist teams in finding the perfect balance between technical suitability and long-term economic viability.

Integration Track

Helping You Connect & Plug Into The Interchain

If you have already launched a product in a different ecosystem and are looking for ways to integrate with Cosmos, we’re here to provide technical guidance and introductions to the key players in the space.

What We Offer


With our close ties to the core devs of the Interchain stack, we help you get any question answered.


Whether your’re fundraising or looking for potential partnerships in the ecosystem, we are the ones to ask.


We help you connect the dots between your product and users, revise your pitch, tokennomics and legal structure.

The Builders Knowledge Hub

Web3's Best Practices, Available on Demand

Find all the educational resources you need. The Builders Knowledge Hub is a collection of articles and research intended to support Web3 founders in their journey towards the launch of a successful product.


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